Monday, February 23, 2009

The Wedding

Stephen and Brittany Rivers had a beautiful wedding this past weekend and we are so thankful to of been a part!!

Electric Charges

See if you can guess what this experiment is meant to teach us? The first contestant with the right answer wins the shiny black comb used in our research projects!!

Science Experiments

Watching Molecules Move

One glass of hot water, one of cold. The drops of coloring diffuse much faster in the hot.

The Injury

Remember that chicken coop my husband and sons were building? They built it inside our shed because of *the cold*. Moving it out of the shed was a bit of a problem....moving it out of the shed, up a hill and around the corner was down right dangerous.

I am very thankful that the move only resulted in 1 injury that my ever resourceful COOP mover was able to treat with some items we have on hand. A spare piece of trim and some duct tape. Whew!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


James rented a Kubota tractor for Valentines and tilled up a huge plot for our garden this year.

Karsten and *Snowball*

This is the sweetest chicken we have ever owned. She follows the baby around pecking at his leg until he picks her up. I have to fight K and the other boys to keep her out of my home.


K and friend had a *spa* treatment.

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